About Team Leadville:

Tony’s vision was to create a Team event that encompassed the unifying values of Endurance, Teamwork and Grit.  The Leadville Trail Marathon was the perfect venue to challenge all Team members to bring this vision to reality.  Starting at 10,152 feet in the United States’ highest incorporated city (Leadville, Colorado), this marathon provides a unique challenge by peaking at 13,185 feet, the summit of Mosquito Pass and the signature climb for this race.

Team Leadville is composed primarily of military veterans but does include non-veterans as well.  Completing our 6th year in 2020, fifty-six of fifty-six Team members have completed the Leadville Trail Marathon—always as a Team.  This included running the actual course in 2020 despite cancellation of the Leadville Trail Marathon due to the coronavirus.  These totals include eleven first time marathoners—a remarkable record. 

Our unified purpose is simple:  fund raise annually for a veteran non-profit where donor dollars directly assist veterans in need.   As of July, 2020 Team Leadville has raised over $216,000 to STOP VETERAN SUICIDE, saving 108 lives.


Tony Hofmann’s Success Story