About Tony Hofmann

Tony Hofmann is an endurance athlete, West Point graduate, qualified Army Ranger, retired colonel, author and founder of Team Leadville.  A rebel at heart fueled by a Midwest spirit, he likes to challenge the status quo–with a sly grin–while seeking physical endeavors that require toughness and grit.  As a running “professional enthusiast” in his fourth decade of competition, he has completed over 40 marathons/ultras, including 14 Boston Marathons as well as the legendary Leadville 100.  A 26-year military veteran, Tony has combined his love of running with his passion to support noteworthy veteran causes, raising over $353,000 to date.  In his day job he continues to serve as a public sector innovator and leader.  Husband and father of three, his purpose is simple: inspire others to self-improvement through action and word.